The product of assimilation is very fast, printing plants benefits very quickly. The composition allows active transport of components within the plant via stomatal among others. The product composition allows optimal performance enhancing molecules Clorophila. This makes the plants produce more nutrients and more easily reinforce important. It also achieves the optimal balance between restoring macro and microelements promoting growth and strong and active development of plants. Importantly helps to avoid deformations in fruits and flowers. Designed for fast absorption and effect, quickly correcting deficiencies caused by poor arsorbpcion root causes such as excess water, drought or imbalances in soil. Helps to recover faster and operate new leaves in Sigatoka strong attacks, etc., in which leaf area is lost from plants. 

Serosidades promotes the production of foliage plants giving a brightness and vigor important; it achieves the formation of strong cell walls. This in turn achieves that the plants are more resistant to attack by insects, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Because of its composition coadyuda the plants have natural defense system very well established. Is a promoter of phytoalexins. In addition tends to regulate the pH of the final solution for implementation in its action to potentiate the products are mixed with it. The composition of liquid substantially aid in their management to enhance its implementation, avoiding the clogging of nozzles and facilitating its homogeneous and fast.


 The dissolved fertilizer can be applied directly to foliage spray also can be used in nurseries in drench. It can be used in combination with Biola, leachate, ferments of organic origin. 




 From 5 to 20 ml per liter of water, depending on the type of action you want the product.

Grace period: In all crops 0 days before harvest.

COMPATIBILITY: With most recommended in plant crops. This product is compatible with all products of acidic or neutral reaction. It is also compatible with agricultural oil. Allow the mixture with beneficial microorganisms promoting its growth and action.




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