The genetic improvement of crops is of significant importance for agriculture and the efficient and safe reproduction of plants has a great economic and ecological potential.

 The laboratory started operations in 1989 as Agrogenotec, with a laminar flow chamber engaging primarily in seed germination for orchid hybridization seeking new colors and rounded shapes for Cattleya and Phalaenopsis. The germination of Ecuadorian orchid species was obtained from field and inter-generic crosses.

 In 2010 new investors started a renovated operation through Biogeneticagreen C.A. benefiting from the technical know-how developed over the years, in order to provide additional services to small and large producers; offering the best after sales, monitoring, service and design consultancy, organic and inorganic fertilization.  We have developed banana varieties resistant to the Sigatoka virus, an oil palm variety resistant to PC, beneficial fungi, bacteria, and carnivorous plants. 

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